Financial Aid

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Apply for AidRemember to apply between October 1st and December 31st EVERY year! 

Search for Scholarships – USF scholarship applications and links to Other Scholarship Opportunities outside of USF!

Learn to Use OASIS (Online Access to Student Information System) - This is your specific account information.  From our main webpage, select MyUSF then OASIS. There are 3 important tabs: 

  • Personal tab:  All Financial Aid information will go to your USF email address, located under Personal Information tab.  Review your USF email regularly!

  • Student tab (your charges):  View this tab for the direct charges billed to your Student account like tuition and fees, housing and meal plan charges. For a faster refund, sign up for e-deposit to have the funds directdeposited into your own bank account.  You can also find information on Florida Prepaid credits that will be applied to reduce your charges. No charges listed yet?  Use the Cost Calculator!

  • Financial Aid tab (your awarded aid): Check your aid status through the Financial Aid tab in OASIS provides information on receipt of your FAFSA, needed documents, and awards. Florida Bright Futures estimates will also be found in this section. 

Confidentiality and Privacy of Financial Aid Records – Federal regulations restrict what financial aid information we can discuss with you and/or your parents over the phone or in person. Authentication questions will be asked each time you contact our office. These restrictions protect your personal financial information and assure that only you have access to your financial aid record. Both forms below must be completed in order for information to be shared with the parent(s) listed on your FAFSA. You must contact our office to have this online form posted to your OASIS account.

Use the Checklist! – The checklist provides things that you need to check each semester to make sure your financial aid is ready and will pay!

How-To Videos – Easy to understand videos to help answer many of your questions.

Financial Aid and Your Bill – Your bill is due the fifth day of classes each term, unless you have been granted a deferment. A tuition deferment prevents cancellation of registration for non-payment of fees, and temporarily prevents assessment of the late payment fee. Financial Aid Payment is made to the student account (disbursed) on the sixth day of classes after enrollment is confirmed.  A deferment is provided based on one of the following:  

Sign up for E-Deposit – No waiting for the mail! Receive your financial aid and student refunds directly into your personal bank account.